31 August 2011

Currant 'Seed'uction

When I was pregnant with my daughter Josie, my midwife told me to stop eating bread.  I tried the whole "good breads, bad breads" approach but she didn't want to hear it.  She said I need to eat lots of protein and veggies.  Of course I had to find a way to continue eating bread and still have a healthy pregnancy, so I created Josie's Bread, a sprouted grain bread.

Now I have two toddlers and I'm pregnant with my third munchkin.  I don't have quite as much time to sprout grains and grind them into a paste to bake into a bread as I used to but I still want to eat healthy breads.  Currant Seeduction Bread is a new, lower labor, pregnancy friendly loaf.

I used the same levain I use for my miche.  It's rather stiff and comprised of 90% wheat and 10% rye flour.  The final dough is mostly coarse wheat flour with a little white to lighten it up.  Then I packed in toasted seeds: sunflower, sesame, flax, pumpkin and hemp.  I also included a hefty amount of currants for extra zing.  Finally, I topped it off with black strap molasses which is loaded with iron and helps to prevent leg cramps (if you've ever carried a baby, I'm sure you'll understand).

After running the formula through a nutrition analysis, this bread qualifies as an excellent source of energy, fiber, protein and iron.  It is a good source of vitamins B6, potassium, iron, folate (naturally occurring folic acid), zinc, omega 3's and omega 6's.  I think my midwife will approve!

If you would like the recipe, please email me!

I am submitting this bread to YeastSpotting.

My friend Hani was kind enough to take the photos of these loaves.  Visit her blog, Haniela's, to see more beautiful photos of her yummy creations.

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  1. hi
    your yummy looking current seduction bread is in deed tempting, may i have the receipe, i have tried to email you but somehow the server rejected my setup. congrulations to your third baby, you will be so busy being a full time career lady plus the solid pillar in your household, the sacarife is great but the rewards will be fulfilling when you see your children growing up healthy, clever and full of character. i have 4 sons and for the last 18 years, i really laboured but now my eldest is 17 and the youngest being 13, in between the 2nd and 3rd, before i know it, they be off to college. now, i can pursue my baking interests, especially artisan bread. i just started and have only managed to bake some dinner rolls and sandwich loaf. hope to hear from you. my email is laurang13@yahoo.com
    thanks n regards