28 September 2010

Lessons in Levain

Today I'm making a small batch of dough in preparation for the raisin contest.  I had to mix my starters at home last night.  The poolish and levain are in clear plastic container which allow one to see the signs of fermentation.  I thought Josie might be interested so I called it to my two year old's attention.
Me: "Look at the little bubbles, Jos, that means it's growing."

Josie: "Little bubbles?  For me?"

Me: "It's for the bread.  Tomorrow morning we'll have big bubbles and then we know it's ready."

Josie: "Big bubbles!!!  And we mix it!"

Me: "Yeah, we mix it and it makes the bread grow"

Josie: "Yeah, bread for me.  Want to smell it, Mommy."

I opened the lid on the levain and Josie take a sniff.  She wrinkled her nose a little but then she cheered.

Josie: "Yummy, Mommy.  Want to mix the bread, too."

A girl after my own heart!!!

1 comment:

  1. This is the cutest thing of the day.
    Made me totally smile.
    Hugs to you both.